Chevy Equinox

Two rows or three rows, pure muscle or pure efficiency—whatever you’re looking for in an SUV, Chevy has an option to match it.

Drivers in Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township often ask what sets the 2020 Chevy Equinox and the 2020 Chevy Traverse apart, and the Baierl Chevrolet team is here to show you. Check out this comparison to see which is a better fit for your style.


As you hit the road for your next big trip—perhaps a journey into the mountains for a bit of kayaking or camping—how many people will you have in tow?

If you prefer to travel light, venturing solo or with only a co-pilot by your side, a more compact crossover will make for a better fit. The Chevy Equinox interior seats five, offering 103.5 cubic feet of space for all. If it’s just you and a co-pilot, you can pack the unused seats with cargo and still have room to breathe.

Then again, maybe you and your co-pilot have little ones to look after or just a big posse of friends to party with. The Traverse interior makes room for a bigger crew with seven seats total. Its 157.3 cubic feet of occupant space makes the Traverse’s interior perfect for lengthier trips and added cargo.


During those long road trips, you’ll have plenty of cargo to bring along. There are your personal suitcases, coolers filled with snacks and drinks, and any sporting equipment you might have in tow for a summer vacation.

Naturally, the Chevy Traverse is a bigger vehicle with more cargo options. If it’s just you and your co-pilot along for the ride, you can fold over the second and third rows to create 98.2 cubic feet of space.

In addition to this, the Traverse offers a rear storage compartment under the floor. Here, you can secure smaller items that you’d prefer to keep out of sight.

The Chevy Equinox has 63.9 cubic feet of space behind the first row for cargo. However, due to the ease with which the rear seat folds, reconfiguring space to fit your needs is no problem at all.


When it comes to how we tackle the terrain on our road trips and daily commutes, we all have different priorities. Some are looking for muscle and a more authoritative stance. Others are interested in saving money at the gas pump.

The Chevy Traverse is going to be your muscle machine. It comes standard with a bigger 3.6L V6 engine. In total, it produces 310 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque, overpowering both Equinox options. If you’re looking for speedier acceleration and higher speeds, this is your go-to.

The Equinox has better gas mileage. It offers two turbocharged 4-cylinders for a balance of power and fuel economy. Its smaller engine is the available 1.5L 4-cylinder. With this equipped, you’ll cut down on fuel stops thanks to an EPA-estimated 31 highway MPG and 26 city MPG.

Efficiency Features for Each SUV

If efficiency is truly your big concern in either SUV, you’ll be happy to know that Automatic Start/Stop is standard in each SUV.

This feature operates autonomously, so you can sit back and let your car do all the work for you. During idling periods—say at a stoplight—the feature will turn the engine off for you to conserve fuel. It’ll fire up again just as soon as you step on the accelerator.


When you’re spending hours in the car at a time, a little technology is all it takes to break up the monotony. Fortunately, these SUVs offer an array of infotainment features that can please the driver and front-seat navigator as well as your kids in the back seats.

The available Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Premium System with Navigation is available for both SUVs. It comes with a large 8-inch HD touchscreen, so you can access your apps and interact with them by touch.

The GPS navigation system is a big benefit for the adventurous driver. You’ll feel like your very own explorer, trekking across previously uncharted territories. You won’t make any wrong turns exploring new paths thanks to the convenient turn-by-turn directions.

The 4G LTE Wi-Fi® hotspot capability found in both the 2020 Traverse and Equinox means that in the back seat, passengers can connect their phones and tablets for streaming. They can watch movies or play games while on the go!


The tykes will have their gadgets and their action figures, but you—the big kid—will have your campers, boats, ATVs, and other adventurous playthings.

The Chevy Traverse is well-suited to tow all your big kid toys for you with its maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. The Chevy Equinox towing capacity maxes out at 3,500 pounds, which is still good for towing a rowboat or jet skis but has some limitations.

Ultimately, that higher towing capacity will impact your fuel efficiency, so you’ll want to carefully think about what toys have to go with you.


How are these towing capacities achieved in each SUV? It’s in large part due to the optional trailering equipment packages.

In the Equinox and Traverse alike, you can add in a heavy-duty cooling system that prevents your engine from overheating when a big trailer is attached. The Equinox also offers a 2-inch trailering receiver and the necessary electrical harness and connectors for trailer lights and brakes.

The trailering package in the Traverse is a bit more advanced, additionally offering Hitch Guidance with Hitch View and trailering assist guidelines. These features provide the direction to confidently maneuver in reverse or making turns during your haul.


The 2020 Equinox has its efficiency, the 2020 Traverse has its power, and they both have their comfort. There’s a lot to love in each of these SUVs. Which would you prefer to get to know better here in Wexford, Pittsburgh, or Cranberry Township? Read our other Traverse reviews and Equinox reviews to learn more about both of these SUVs.

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