If you’ve got your eye on a sleek new ride here in Wexford, Pittsburgh, or Cranberry Township, you’ve got a couple big decisions to make. We’re not just talking about what color paint you want or how many cylinders the engine should have. Before deciding those things, you need to determine if you’re buying or leasing.

Are you unsure which option best suits your lifestyle? The team here at Baierl Chevrolet is happy to help you decide.


We’re likely all familiar with the car-buying process. It’s pretty simple: You pick out a ride, take out a loan, and pay it off in monthly chunks (if you’re lucky, maybe you just pay up front with one lump sum). Once the full value is paid off, that’s it! The car is yours.

Leasing is different. With this option, you’re still paying for the vehicle monthly. However, in this case, you’re only paying for a pre-determined term of months. As opposed to paying the full sum, you pay for the depreciation that occurs while the car is in your possession.
When your lease term is up, you can do one of two things. First, you can choose to buy the car if you really like driving it. Second, you can trade it in and lease another brand-new car right away.