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A fresh hairdo has a way of making you feel like new. If you’re fighting cancer or have recently rung the bell on your fight, this feeling of renewal comes tenfold.

Hair Peace Charities helps women and girls in Western Pennsylvania reclaim their confidence by assisting in the purchase of stylish wigs. Learn how you can give back in your own backyard today!

Fighting Cancer with Confidence

It’s difficult to count the numerous ways in which a cancer diagnosis can change one’s life. Many are so fixated on their battle that they forget they may begin to lose their hair only weeks into treatment.

“The cosmetic impacts are small compared to the health impacts,” you might say. However, in the fight to overcome cancer, confidence in appearance can make a huge difference.

A stunning wig can embolden women to step outside and maintain a normal routine during treatment. It can make them feel more like themselves, proving that while cancer touches many parts of their daily life, it can’t touch their sense of self.

Helping Women & Girls Pay for Chic Wigs

Treatments are expensive, and while insurance shoulders much of the burden, in many cases it does not pay for wigs. Fortunately, there’s no need to look solely to your insurance provider any longer.

Hair Peace Charities provides financial assistance to women and girls in need of wigs. Through numerous wig donations and affiliated salons, they connect with cancer warriors all across Western PA to match them with beautiful wigs.

Cancer touches all patients differently. However, in the face of it, each one can benefit from a bit of self-expression. Survivors, be proud to put on your wig and fight!

Are You Ready to Make A Donation?

Cancer can be as financially trying as it is physically challenging. Some women and girls may not be able to afford their new wig, but you can easily help. Connect with Hair Peace Charities on Facebook today to learn more about donating!

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