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February 9th is National Pizza Day and why this date is yet to be deemed a federally recognized holiday is frankly both confounding and a little sad.
To help cheer you up from this massive oversight, we put together a list of the best pizza shops in the Pittsburgh area to celebrate. Continue reading our top picks before heading out to grab a slice or two for yourself!

Driftwood Oven
In 2015, long-time friends Neil and Justin put their mutual passion for wood-fired pizza along with their years of experience working in the restaurant industry and founded Driftwood Oven. The next two years, they bopped around the Pittsburgh area before finally settling into their current location in 2017.
Neil and Justin’s pizzas aren’t your typical corner pizzeria style pies. Relying on locally sourced produce and seasonal ingredients, each of their 16-inch pies are made using a natural leavening process to create a bubbly, sourdough crust. Toppings include everything from fresh shitake mushrooms and mortadella to pickled red onions.


Giovanni’s Pizza & Pasta
This popular downtown pizzeria is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch or for catering your next special event. Offering a huge menu of traditional, homemade Italian fare to complement their specialty and gourmet pies, Giovanni’s is like no pizza you’ve ever experienced in Pittsburgh.
Consistently ranked as one of the best pizza joints in the city, whether you’re a traditional pepperoni and black olive lover or enjoy sampling something a little more unique-like their lobster ravioli pie-the selection is almost endless.


Since 1958, the Mineo family has been serving their neighbors some of the tastiest Sicilian-style pizza from their storefront. Founded by grandfather John Mineo, who emigrated from Palermo to the Steel City in the early 1950s, his working-class attitude and focus on quality is carried on by his descendants who run the shop seven days per week.
Got a yinzer in your life currently living far from home? You can send them a little taste of the Three Rivers as Mineo’s can Fed Ex a pie to anywhere in the United States!


Grab a Slice Today!
Now that you know our list of the best pizza shops for National Pizza Day in Pittsburgh, we encourage you to go and try them out for yourself! Stop by any of these three incredible pizzerias or go online to see their menus and specials today!

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