Electric Vehicle Dealer near Me

Electric Vehicle Dealer near Me
Electric Vehicle Dealer near Me

Over the last decade, driving an EV has become less of an on-trend thing to do and more of a smart, sustainable decision. EVs offer countless benefits for Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township, PA, area drivers. In this piece, our Baierl Chevrolet team will expand upon these benefits, explore the electric Chevy lineup, and dive into our expertise as a local EV dealer.
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Eco-Friendly, Finance-Friendly, Family-Friendly
When you make the decision to go with an EV, you are making a commitment to help Mother Nature. EVs don’t produce harmful carbon emissions, helping preserve the environment in which we live, work, and drive. This net-positive impact also provides you with the opportunity to save money via clean, green driving tax incentives.
EVs are also financially advantageous because they completely cut out your need for gasoline, meaning you won’t be spending money at the pumps. Additionally, the advanced engineering of EVs features fewer parts which reduces the need for many maintenance requirements observed with traditional gasoline vehicles, reducing costs in the service arena.
Last but certainly not least, EVs offer a supremely comfortable driving experience. From the quiet ride to the safe experience, you can expect for your family with innovative assistive features, each EV is a statement of modern automotive engineering and technology.

Electric Vehicles for Sale
Chevy’s Blossoming EV Division

Over recent years, Chevrolet has made efforts to bolster their lineup of EVs. Of course, there’s the tried-and-true Chevy Bolt EV. Additionally, though, Chevy has introduced:

  • Chevy Blazer EV
  • Chevy Equinox EV
  • Electric Chevy Silverado

So, there are now electric alternatives to some of Chevy’s most iconic models.

A Seamless Buying Journey and Ownership Experience

We’re here to act as your liaison as you make the transition to electric driving. Our finance department is here to help you secure terms on your favorite model, and our service department is committed to keeping your EV in pristine condition as you drive. We’re passionate about the EV segment of the automotive market, and we believe that shines through with our team and commitment to you.

Where’s an EV Dealer near Me?
If you have been searching for an “electric vehicle dealer near me” online, we hope you will turn to our Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, area team here at Baierl Chevrolet. With our inventory and expertise, we’re ready to provide you with a seamless transition to the world of electric driving.
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