Chevy Traverse Maintenance Schedule

Red 2020 Chevrolet Traverse on a City St at Night
The Chevrolet Traverse is a stylish midsize SUV with plenty of space inside. It’s practical for your Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township travels—especially if you keep up with maintenance.

In this Chevy Traverse maintenance schedule, we’ll reveal the service items and intervals you need know to care for your SUV. Contact us at Baierl Chevrolet to learn more and to schedule your next certified service appointment!

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7,500 Miles—oil Change Service

The Traverse SUV is incredibly reliable—so reliable, in fact, that you won’t need routine service until after the first 7,500 miles on the road. At this point, your service technician will need to perform an engine oil change. You’ll also need a new oil filter at this interval.

At 7,500 miles, your vehicle will also need a visual inspection. Your technician will inspect your fluid levels and check for leaks as well as your brakes, suspension and steering, and exhaust and fuel systems. These systems must work properly to ensure a safe, secure drive.

For the best results, continue performing these services every 7,500 miles. Doing so will help your Traverse stay at the top of its game.

22,500 Miles—air Filter Service

Well, 22,500 is a multiple of 7,500—you can check the math on that for us! That means, at this interval, you’ll want to repeat that engine oil/filter change and visual inspection.

At this point, you’ll also want to replace the passenger compartment air filter. This device helps keep the air in the cabin clean and fresh. Have the air filter replaced at least every two years, even if you haven’t yet put 22,500 miles on the odometer.

45,000 Miles—the Big One

Every 45,000 miles, your Chevrolet Traverse will need a range of services performed. In addition to the oil change, have your engine air cleaner filter replaced. You should also change your brake fluid and inspect the evaporative control system.

If you’ve been driving in severe conditions, you need to change the automatic transmission fluid and the transfer case fluid at this point. Your technician can help you determine if your driving habits meet these parameters.

97,500 Miles—spark Plug Service

Replace your spark plugs at 97,500 miles of driving. Your technician will inspect your spark plug wires at this point as well. Spark plugs may be small, but they’re essential for your drive.

The spark of electricity that they emit creates the ignition for the combustion needed to start your vehicle. If you want your Chevrolet Traverse to start reliably, this maintenance item cannot be overlooked.

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With this maintenance schedule, you can keep your Chevy Traverse in prime condition! You’ll be ready to adventure at a moment’s notice when you stay on top of maintenance and repairs.

Is it time for your regularly scheduled checkup? Make an appointment at the Baierl Chevrolet Service Center for service from a certified expert. Our technicians will have your Traverse ready for the roads of Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township in no time!