2021 Chevy Silverado 1500

Following the recommended services needed to be performed on your vehicle are crucial to ensuring that the various components and parts of your car perform the way they were designed and last for years to come. It also helps your car avoid potentially more serve damage to its systems and mitigate the wear and tear of parts.

Following the Chevy Silverado 1500 maintenance schedule and having your truck serviced with us at Baierl Chevrolet will keep it in great condition for many miles as you drive around Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township.


There are a handful of quick checks you can frequently do to stay proactive and catch any issue early. Make a habit of checking the engine oil level every time you stop to refuel. Once a month, check the pressure in your tires and the windshield washer fluid level to make sure they are adequate.


Every 7,500 miles, you’ll want to rotate the tires and have the engine oil and filter checked and replaced if needed. Also, make sure there is enough engine coolant and washer fluid in your Silverado 1500.

You’ll want to have the steering, suspension, and chassis components thoroughly inspected. Along with that, a few more inspections should be done on various parts of the truck, including:

– Tires and tire pressure

– Brake system

– Fuel system

– Exhaust system

– Gas strut

– Starter switch

– Automatic transmission shift lock control function

– Ignition transmission lock

– Parking brake

– Accelerator pedal

If any of these parts are damaged, be sure to have a technician fix them immediately.

22,500 MILES

On top of continuing those checks and services every 7,500 miles, once you hit 22,500 miles, you’ll want to also replace the passenger compartment air filter and the transfer case fluid if your Chevy Silverado 1500 is equipped with 4WD.

45,000 MILES

Here, you’ll add a few more services that need to be done, including replacements of the fuel filter and engine air cleaner filter. You’ll also want to change the transmission fluid.

67,000 MILES

At this point in your Chevy Silverado 1500 maintenance schedule, it’s time to once again replace the passenger compartment air filter and the fuel filter.

90,000 MILES

A handful of components will need to be replaced again, including the passenger compartment air filter, engine air cleaner filter, transmission fluid, transfer case (if you have a 4WD Silverado 1500), and the fuel filter.


These intervals are a good guideline to follow when it comes to getting specific services done to your Silverado 1500 to maintain its peak performance. Still, other factors may determine how quickly some services may need to be performed.

Some maintenance may need to be done more often if you:

– Drive in heavy traffic

– Drive in hot weather

– Drive on hilly or mountainous terrain

– Frequently tow


If your truck is at one of the recommended time intervals of the Chevy Silverado 1500 maintenance schedule or you’re experiencing any other issue with your vehicle, you can bring it into Baierl Chevrolet today.

Our certified technicians will replace, repair, and fully inspect your Silverado 1500 before you head back out onto the roads of Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township. Schedule your service appointment today.

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