The Chevy brand is ever-changing. Each new model year brings new technologies, cozier amenities, and even more performance advancements. If you like to drive with the latest and greatest features, then you might want to switch out your ride every few years.

Baierl Chevrolet offers numerous Chevy lease deals to help Wexford, Pittsburgh, and Cranberry Township drivers save big while staying on the cutting edge in the process.
How might a lease benefit your unique lifestyle? Let’s find out!


Some drivers are content to settle into the same car and drive it for years and years—well past 150,000 miles on the odometer. Others prefer change. They like the feel of a brand-new ride and want to get ahold of the latest technologies every few years.

If you’re the second type of driver, then leasing is probably for you! The typical lease term is about 36 months, meaning that you’ll be ready for a trade-in every few years.
In addition to those short terms, leases tend to have lower monthly payments (depending on how high you climb the trim ladder). Just check out our Chevy lease specials to see what kind of deals are available.