2020 Chevy Cruze Silver City

Keeping your Chevy Cruze running properly for years is a goal we at Baierl Chevrolet are dedicated to upholding. That’s why we’ve created this helpful guide to the Chevy Cruze maintenance schedule. Drivers in the Pittsburgh, Wexford, or Cranberry Township areas will have a car that runs like new well into the future.

With this guide, you can take out the guesswork when wondering when it’s time to schedule routine maintenance. We’ll tell you the best times to come into our service center to make sure that your car is running as smoothly as possible.


At 7,500 miles, it’s time to schedule your first routine maintenance check. In this check, we’ll rotate your tires and check your engine oil. If we see that your oil is old or running low, we’ll change the oil and the filter.

We’ll also carry out a routine diagnostic check to make sure nothing flies under the radar. After your 7,500-mile maintenance, you’ll be back on the road in no time with a healthy engine and well-cared-for tires.


After 22,500 miles you’ll have to come back into our service center to have the same service as above performed. But in addition, you’ll have to have your passenger compartment air filter replaced and you’ll need your wheel alignment checked as well.


If your Chevy Cruze has a diesel engine, it’s time to have the fuel filter replaced at 30,000 miles. This will ensure that your engine runs without any problems and remains reliable for as long as possible.


Once you’ve driven your Chevy Cruze for 45,000 miles, come in to see us to have an important checkup performed on your car. In addition to your other routine checkups, we’ll also inspect your evaporative control system and your engine air cleaner filter. This system is integral to controlling your car’s emissions and should be taken care of.

It’s also a good idea at this point to look into having your tires replaced. A tread depth below 1/16 of an inch means those tires have to go.


The 60,000-mile mark is time for you to come in to have your spark plugs replaced and your ignition coil boots inspected. This will ensure that your car starts properly every time.

EVERY 100,000+ MILES

Finally, when you’ve driven your car for 100,000 miles and above, it’s time to look into having your timing belt replaced. If the timing belt breaks it can cause further damage throughout the entire car.


We want to see you happy, on the road, and confident that your vehicle is running at its best. Our service technicians are trained and dedicated to keeping your car in good shape. Your satisfaction is what matters most to us.

Don’t wait until the signs are obvious! We are dedicated to helping drivers in Pittsburgh, Wexford, or Cranberry Township drive cars that are in their best shape. Schedule your appointment with Baierl Chevrolet online or over the phone today!

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